Can gums bleed when you brushing your teeth?

Gum disease varies from person to person, because most people unfortunately choose to ignore this problem. Be aware that gum disease is quite common for adult, who have a averagely poor dental hygiene and health.

The most accurate signs are bleeding gums, bad breath, painful gum abscesses, loose teeth and redness. The main causes for gum diseases are caused by mainly a lack of oral hygiene and naturally bad habits, such as smoking. Moreover, pregnancy, medications and illnesses can be reasons as well for bad gums am stupid.

Our games are basically the foundation of our teeth – if you don’t take care of your gums, the teeth can detach itself from the gum causing pocketing. Pocketing refers to the shrinking of the gum, where food can get trapped in. This way the gum can get infected and your teeth might get very loose. However, some cases of gum disease are more severe than other as they depend on how long the disease has been active for.

Gum disease is treatable and there are various ways to maintain a healthy gum. Which only takes around 5 minutes a day:

  • Brush your teeth twice a day for approximately 2 minutes in a circular motion with your toothbrush
  • Make use of a mouthwash apart from brushing your teeth
  • Try to floss once a day or use so-called Tepe brushes, in order to remove the hidden plaque in between the teeth